Testing and Pilot Unit Rentals

Howes Filtration offers a comprehensive laboratory and pilot filter testing program.  Laboratory testing is available to determine the filterability of a process solution and process parameters namely flux rate, TSS, cycle time, removal efficiency, cake thickness, and selection of filter media.  Various grades of filter aid are also evaluated to determine the optimum grade and dosage rates for filter precoat and body feed.

The pilot filter program allows customers to test a pressure leaf filtration system in their process at their facility under actual operating conditions to evaluate and optimize the filter performance.  Alternatively, customers can send their product to our test lab where a technician can run lab scale testing.  Application engineers are available to train and assist plant personnel in the operation of the pilot filter and the evaluation and optimization of its performance.  In addition to the analysis of your process and filtration requirements, Howes Filtration can provide a custom designed and engineered system to meet your specific process needs.

Lab Scale Pressure Leaf Test Unit

This portable unit uses an array of filter media and orifice sizes to calculate the fluxrate and other characteristics required to determine feasibility and specify filter size.  It is available for rental or in-house testing.


Pilot scale pressure leaf test unit with pre-coat package

This pilot unit is available for trial runs.  Slipstream connects allow it to be inserted directly into an existing process and provide on-site filtering of product.  The unit filters about 12-25 GPM depending on product characteristics.  The 304 stainless filter unit has a quick open closure mechanism for ease of operation.  The precoat skid package is set-up to provide the filter with a pre-coat filter cake and can be rented separately.  This unit can be used for small production purposes as well.